The sculptural Drop stool is designed by Danielle Siggerud in 2021 and is originally available in three finishes: travertine, bianco carrara and viola calacatta – carved from a single block of the finest stone by Italian stonemasons.

The Drop stool in pine is a new addition to the Drop stool family and is created in collaboration between Danielle and the Danish cabinetmaker Kristian Frandsen (Snedkersind) - handcrafted of the finest Solid Scandinavian Pinewood in his workshop in Denmark.

Each block of kiln dried wood is carefully selected from the same tree, split into rough dimension, and stored in a stable climate, given time to stabilize before further processing. When ready, all parts are planed down to final proportion, joining thirty-two components into a single shape.

The material is much more than a tone, growth rings are matched meticulously, arranged so that the lines within the wood intertwine harmoniously, finished with a simple and holistic surface treatment.

The surface is polished with resin-filled shavings, hand planed from the material offcuts made earlier in the process. The approach is similar to the Japanese "udukiri", where fibers used for polishing the surface, enhance the texture of the wood, applying a tactile touch to the surface. The kinetic energy heats up the resin, filling the pores of the wood, applying a subtle, beautiful shine to the surface. In time, the colour of the wood will naturally darken into to a warmer, deeper tone, which can only be described as sunset.

The Drop stool in pine was launched as a limited edition piece at the Danish carpenter's guild's exhibition Carpentry Craft in June 2023 in Copenhagen, where the finest work of the most skilled craftsmen and -women in Denmark was displayed.

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Drop stool in Pine

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