Danielle wanted to create a sculptural object that extracts and experiments with two archaic forms from architectural history. Scaling these down to more approachable proportions allows us to experience their corporeal qualities up close in an uninhibited way.

The Drop Stool is a mélange of two geometric figures; a circle encased in a square partly erased.

While the circle carries spiritual meaning - infinite, with no end - the square is often a symbol of the material. Physical properties come in four; four directions, four seasons and the four elements earth, air, fire and water, according to ancient Greek philosopher Empedocles.

The Drop Stool is carved from a single block of stone.

H: 50 cm / 19,7"
SH: 45 cm / 17,7"
W: 50 cm / 19,7"
D: 50 cm / 19,7"

Finishes: sanded travertine, bianco cararra, viola calacatta.
The shape can be ordered as a mirrored pair.

For order, price and inquiries, please email us at: info@daniellesiggerud.com

Copenhagen, Denmark 2021

Drop stool

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