The VE beach house is located on the coast of Sejerø Bay in Sjællands Odde – approximately an hour drive from Copenhagen known for its beautiful beaches and seaside nature.

The existing house on site had aged beyond repair and DSA was commissioned to design the new beach house. Even though it was not possible to save the old house, there were valuable elements to base the new design on, like the direction and placement on the site, as well as the overall shape, which was thoughtfully designed to give shelter for wind and sun. In that way, the ideas and the spirit of the old house are persevered in the new one.

The beach house is designed with the intention to maximize the experience of being in the nature - the rooms open up towards the coastline and views, the outdoors is easily accessible though the double doors used in several rooms. The layout of common rooms, like kitchen and living room, is airy and open, while the bedrooms allow more privacy and retreat. Although consisting of two forms – the main and the guest house – a continuous roof together with the generous south facing terrasse binds the beach house together to a harmonious unity. The dark exterior is contrasted by light and warm interior.


Sjaellands Odde, Denmark, in progress

VE Beach House

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