A full-service Architectural Studio

Est. 2016

Our studio offer full-service architecture solutions and work on projects ranging from renovations, new-builts and interior design of residential projects, retail spaces to the design of objects and bespoke furnitures.


Originally, Danielle Siggerud specialized in restoring and transforming historic buildings. While this is far from the only type of work we take on, the core philosophy has bled into how we approach all our projects.


Restoration requires a careful balance between respecting heritage and adding originality. Any successful restoration project must feel like a natural continuation of the building’s history, while still being clearly contemporary.


In our daily work, this makes us prioritize deep understanding of a project’s context. Where we are building, what was before, and who will inhabit the space will always form the foundation for our aesthetic ambitions as a studio. 


We always take our time to be in close dialogue with residents, owners, or users and use that knowledge to help us find the perfect balance between a functional and beautiful space.


In short, we create spaces that stand out when looked upon, but shine when they become part of daily life.