Located in the very heart of Copenhagen, the new City location for Andersen & Maillard is now to be discovered at Ny Østergade. DSA was commissioned to transform a former garage, that had stood unused for years, into a local spot for artisan pastries, bread and coffee.

The second pastry shop for Andersen & Maillard, utilizes the same design language of strong geometry and warm minimalist aesthetic, that Danielle Siggerud framed for the artesian bakery, creating an individual identity through the color palette and materials.

The existing features, like the arched niches, painted wooden plank door and exposed brick walls are considerately showcased to enhance the characteristics of the rural space – many of the elements were kept as they were, or their original state was restored.

New, contemporary elements were added by designing bespoke pieces to serve a small, but functional space. Bespoke pieces include solid Carrera counter with curved edges, a door pull in hammered aged copper with an organic silhouette taking inspiration from Karl Blossfeldt’s photographs. The hand-crafted cabinet is made out of the finest solid pine with references to Scandinavian cabinetmakers, conceived with an emphasis on form and functionality.

Photography: Radoslaw Nicgorski


Copenhagen, Denmark 2023

Andersen & Maillard City

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